Welcome to the internett site: Blindleias hjemmelagde.
(Home made products from Blindleia, Lillesand)
Hope you will find something exiting….!


BLINDLEIAS HJEMMELAGDE is owned and operated by Mrs. Jorunn Syvertsen.
You will find me in Lillesand, Norway, where I have the best time ever! It is only a “stone throw” away from the famous Blindleia – a small part of the coast line between Lillesand and Kristiansand. Meaning I am here in the southern part of Norway.

Most of the items of natural materials, I have found here by Blindleias and the surrounding area.
I make all the products at home, while the places to sell them are at different markets and festivals - mostly in the southern part of Norway.
I am also to be found at the market of BUST Craftacular in Brooklyn NY.

BLINDLEIAS HJEMMELAGDE has its own internett site:
www.blindleiashjemmelagde.no. You can also find information on facebook under the name: Blindleias hjemmelagde.

On internet and facebook you can follow the launching of new products as well
Some products will also “by on stock”, while others varies due to season and trends.
I do also make on request.

Adress: Ingvald Isaksens vei 20, 4790 Lillesand, NORWAY
Phone: +47 90 85 93 10
E-mail: post@blhj.no



You can always contact my on sms, mail or facebook for ordering. As an addition, I am often vendor at different markets and festivals – mostly in the southern part of Norway.

The Christmas Markets are soon over for this time – there is only one market left:
BUST Craftacular Holiday in Brooklyn NY
Saturday, Dec.10th from 11.00am – 7.00pm
Sunday, Dec 11th from 11.00am – 7.00pm


Hope to see you! ☺
I will post information about up coming markets in 2017 consecutively. Maybe you will find a market close to you where I will be….?



There is always a demand for real handcrafted knitting wears, and you will for the most part always find these items “in stock”:
Hats with reflecting yarn
Kitchen cloths
Different itmes in the pattern ”Marius”, one of the most famous patterns from Norway.

I also have the authorisation to knit products in the pattern of Marius. Meaning I am knitting “honestly”

To a lot of persons, hardanger embroidery, is some thing the older generation was doing. I am one of the lucky one to have learned this technique from my grand mother.
I mostly make items on demand. I do not make big table cloths any more.

This could be a small table cloth, a nice little motive for the wall, a bookmark or maybe you have other wishes…? Maybe something for the living room, kitchen or hall way?
Contact me – I am sure we can find you something!

Food will only be presented for the Norwegian market. This due to regulations in other countries.

For most people, angles are something we conect with Christmas. But angles can really be out on display whole year round.
Some want to have them close to the head stone at the cemetery….
I am making angles and also use drift wood in the presentation. Drift wood is found “on my door step” here by Blindleia in Lillesand.
This way the angles really come from Blindleia.
I will always have some angles in stock, and for Christmas it will be produced special products. For these products: check under Season and Christmas.


I guess you also some times have the need of a card for a birthday, greetings to a friend or maybe to a very special occasion….
I have always appliquéd cards in stock, both small and regular sizes.
Some cards have hand sawn motive where some of the motives are from Blindleia og the sea life. Others are more neutral motives from nature.

* Small appliquéd cards NOK. 25,- a piece
* Regular size appliquéd cards NOK 40,- a piece
* Regular size card with hand stitched motives from NOK 75,- a piece

We do sometimes are in need of a name card; a baptism, confirmation, wedding. Maybe there is a special birthday coming up, or there will be some other special occasion……

I make all name cards using some elements from nature. Maybe you have some requests?...Contact me, and I am sure we can find something that will fit you party!


As part of my products, I have hand made soaps.
These are made of different flavourings and all ecological ingredients.
It is Mrs. Agnes Cseszneg from Eger, north east in Hungary, who are making these soaps. She is pastors’ wife in the Lutheran Church in this small city.
Part of the income from the soaps, are given back to the Church in Eger.


Spring and Easter
Information will be available during February 2017.

Information about my products for the summer, will be available during April 2017.

Fall and Winther
The Winther season is already here. I have some knitted products that will keep you warm through the cold months.
- Hat made from reflecting yarn NOK 199,-
- Shawl and scarf NOK 229,-

This marvellous season have I made some products for, and this year as follows:
- aprin for bottles NOK 100,-
- hand stitched Santa gnome for the Christmas tree NOK 90,-
- ornament for the table with candle lights and angles NOK 250,-

Additional I am making some Christmas cookies and cakes, but due to the regulations for food, this will only be available for the Norwegian market.